I’m Mary Jo.

I am the Artisan, Farmer, Momma, and Wordsmith of these parts.  This is my homestead.  A quick glance at the blog’s categories will tell you who we are.  We got sheep. We got hogs. We got chickens.  We got all livestock, we got all livestock.  (We like Lead Belly.) I harvest the wool from these carefully curated sheep and transform it into my This is Wool. line of artisanal yarn and fibers.

We create our own reality here on the Acres.

We care deeply about our food, cultivating it ourselves wherever we can, finding it in the offerings of our friends and neighbors when possible. We make things, all kinds of things.  We cultivate beauty – the organic beauty of a crimp of wool, the very same pattern echoed in the exposed grain of newly-split firewood, the crafted beauty of something made by hand.  The latter features prominently here; I have a need to make things – beautiful, functional things – that is only slightly less urgent than the need to breathe.  Our home is made warm by the music that lives here, the wood we make together, the roaring laughter – usually at our own expense – that is an inevitable byproduct of this journey. We have a rooster named Chuck Norris.

We value hard work – that which makes us strong and that which makes us capable.  We have no Television Set, but we do have a davenport.  We watch a lot of Gunsmoke.  Captain Daddio – Andrew, that is – listens to an uncommon amount of old time radio during his long commute; we catch our fair share at home through open windows from our rockers on the front porch.  In his spare time, he cultivates the persona of a lumberjack.  Nearly all of our friends consider us the most farmy of all of their friends, which makes it far too easy to impress them. But we revel in their misplaced awe nonetheless; most of them knew us before we were quite so farmy.

Pull up a chair, roll up your sleeves; join us.  The words are honest, the stories are real and more often than not, pretty damn funny.  This here is our life, a sliver of it, and it’s a mighty good one.


Mary Jo

The story of how it all began is right here.


All photos on the website are © Mary Jo Borchardt.  Respect that copyright, please, and don’t copy any content from this site without permission.



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