Sugar Maple Recap

  Well hello there, Strangers.  You’d think, by my lingering absence, that Summer had swallowed me whole and spit me out this side of August.  And you’d be right. Thankfully I have regained some equilibrium in time to deliver our thrilling recap of this year’s Sugar Maple Music Festival.  If you’ve hung around here for any length of time, you’ll
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Pigs in the Sandbox

The rains have soaked the ground and made wiggly the post with the gate that kept the pigs contained.  The pigs discovered the breach, likely when using the wiggly post as a scratching one.  They got out, were put back, then got out again.  After a quick walkabout, they retired to the sandbox.  The very same sandbox that is enjoyed
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Introducing Rosasharn, our Family Cow

I’ve been holding out on you, Folks.  We’ve had a monumental new addition to the Acres of late:  It’s time you’ve met Rosasharn, our Jersey girl. She is the answer to a wish I made a couple of years ago, named for the character “Rose of Sharon” in The Grapes of Wrath.  We much prefer the vernacular pronunciation of “Rosasharn.” 
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I sheared ten sheep last weekend.

I have a minivan full of fresh-clipped wool. Yet the pounds of wool per acre on my pasture remains as high as ever; none of the shearing was done on my own flock.  I’m about a third into my gig as shearer-for-hire, having started with the relieving of nine lovely ewes of their wool baggage on Saturday.  On Sunday, I
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You just never know what you will find.

Just this morning Leila scared up this brilliant bird, a Brewster’s Warbler, as best we can tell.  It hung around only long enough to rest its legs and allow us a few photos and some gentle caresses with our eager fingers.  That the cat Ruby was spotted nearby shortly after we left the traveler to rest is a sobering suggestion
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Foraging: Pickled Ramps

Before the spinach or early lettuce or even the asparagus, there are ramps to fill the desperate hunger for something green that taunts our bellies at the start of Spring.  Ramps — garlic’s subtle country cousin — emerge from the forest floor like a drink of water to a parched throat.  This Spring finds me especially hungry for green things
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Five Things: Tunic Time

Some time last summer I had an important revelation about the jersey knits that dominated my wardrobe’s upper half:  they weren’t doing me any favors.  They have no filter.  They reveal all – every. topographical. detail. of this worn-in Momma body.  These shirts are Captain Obvious.  They’re not doing me any favors.  Woven fabrics, however, like the linens and cottons
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Five Things: Solstice Garb

It is with a bit of an embarrassed cough that I introduce the following trio of sewn things, pulled off the sewing machine right before Solstice.  Winter Solstice.  Still, they are awesome and bear recording here, even if their timeliness is in question. I began with this lovely embroidered dresser scarf, captured here in the warm glow of a dark,
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Rainy Interlude

I wanted to take a brief respite today from Five Things to reflect on the cool and relentlessly rainy week we’ve had here in the North.  While I’m thankful that it’s merely cold and rainy and not apocalyptic destruction around here, it has still been a week of momentous inactivity that I look forward to leaving behind. The Sheep Hotel
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Five Things: The Nay Sweater

Ah yes.  We have arrived at number three of Five Things:  Finished Objects.  Let’s begin. I’ve called it The Nay Sweater (as opposed to yesterday’s Yea Sweater) because its incarnation here is a short one.  I shall be frogging it soon (ripping it out for you crazy non-knitters) and crafting something entirely new with it. Others may refer to the
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