From Drought represents two harvests of wool – the shearings from 2012 and 2013. The earth was parched in these parts for much of 2012. The grass died before it began, the clover and alfalfa stood perfectly still, not growing, for months on end. Record temperatures compounded the insult to those of us with an eye to the fields. Hay became a lifesaving necessity at the start of July, approximately four months ahead of schedule. It came at quite a cost. There were few dye plants to harvest; those with the stamina to forge ahead seemed better left in place, to rebound. From Drought, then, is an exploration into the glorious palettes offered by acid dyes. And it marks the beginning of a fruitful relationship with a family-owned woolen mill, where this wool was magically spun into yarn.

From Drought is triumphant.

I wish that you could reach through your screen to give this yarn a good squeeze.  Oh, the loft this wool has!  Even the mill was surprised by how much the yarn bloomed after it was spun.  And it’s soft, so soft.  Plan to wear it next to your skin, or the skin of someone you love dearly.

Approximately 4 oz / 200 yards *Worsted Weight * Dyed with Professional-Grade Acid Dyes * Lightly Variegated Monochromatic *

Cormo + Rambouillet wool * Limited Edition *

 + Sale +  $24 $18 per skein + $5 flat rate domestic shipping



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Wool Care

Air outside to freshen, wash only when soiled. Hand wash warm water. (Hot water compromises the integrity of the dye)

Roll up gently inside a towel in lieu of wringing, lay flat to dry.


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