First Harvest bears the mark of my own hands from nearly every step in the production process. I’ve born this yarn from pasture to skein; I’ve lived each transformation of the fiber. Five sheep contributed their soft, springy wool to this yarn. With intention, I grew or collected from neighbors the plants that lent their sublime pigments to the fiber. The rainbow drip-dried on my clothesline, a palette to hearken Autumn.

And then the spinning wheel, countless revolutions uniting the fibers. The wheel, the wheel, the wheel.

Approximately 2.5 oz / 100 yards * 2-Ply Handspun * Plant-Dyed * Bulky Weight * $24 per skein
* Each Harvest is a Limited Edition *

Tomato Handspun Yarn


Qty Remaining: 1

Sugar Maple Handspun Yarn

Sugar Maple


Sold out.

Goldenrod Handspun Yarn


Qty Remaining: 4

Conifer Handspun Yarn



Sold out.

Blue Jay Handspun Yarn

Blue Jay


Sold out.

Portobello Handspun Yarn



Sold out.

Honeybee Handspun Yarn


Qty Remaining: 2

Every glorious fiber will pass through my fingertips as the whir of my spinning wheel twists the wool into yarn, yarn for you.  The hearth will flicker and glow as I sit spinning before it, infusing the twisted strands with good intentions while I work.  Please allow about 1-2 weeks for your skein(s) to be spun.

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