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Foraging: Pickled Ramps

Before the spinach or early lettuce or even the asparagus, there are ramps to fill the desperate hunger for something green that taunts our bellies at the start of Spring.  Ramps — garlic’s subtle country cousin — emerge from the forest floor like a drink of water to a parched throat.  This Spring finds me especially hungry for green things
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Out of nowhere, a Cajun Fete.

It was not quite a week ago when I was summoned from bed earlier than I had liked.  He was clad in a bathrobe and he delivered the simple words that yanked me into full consciousness.  “Our pipes are frozen.” It was day something-or-other in a string of days too cold to mention.  They were days that kept us tethered
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Filling the larder

I never did put in a garden this year.  There were big plans to do so; the perimeter fences of two gardens were rerouted to make one bigger central space.  They were mostly rerouted, to clarify.  Most of the fence is up, that which we completed in that first big burst of time and energy.  We haven’t revisited it since. 
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Revisiting: Graham Crackers from Scratch

Here’s a post from the FGA vault: ABC Graham Crackers.  It’s a recipe I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, finding myself again with a wee one hungry for exposure to ABCs, edible or otherwise.  We’ll be rolling these out in the next day or so – why don’t you join us? (oh, I miss those chubby arms) ABC Graham
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What is that bubbling on my counter?

1 – Birthday Crock,  1 – half-gallon mason jar full of water, used as a weight, 1 – boy, used as prop, 1 – Wild Fermentation book (not shown) 1 – half head of cabbage rescued from almost-certain fridge neglect, 2 – shredded carrots, 1/2 c shredded celeriac, liberal salt, caraway seed + time.  1 1/2 weeks have elapsed so
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March Forth

If + homemade, from-scratch doughnuts + a dinner of my choosing: grilled lambchops, Czech style red cabbage, and sweet potato fries + a homemade, from-scratch angel food cake with chocolate glaze (requiring 12 egg whites) + the resulting answer to what to do with the orphaned 12 egg yolks: egg nog! + the crock, bean pot, turkey eggs, and fiddle
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In a random stroke of genius one night, Captain Daddio mixed some soft goat cheese into the batch of guacamole he was making, a simple act which left us dazed and speechless for a bit.  How had we come this far on our culinary journey without having mixed the two until now?  Goatamole has now been fast-tracked to the rotating
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There were none left to frost.

Having missed the boat on making cut-out cookies before Christmas, we snagged the opportunity to do it recently, in honor of Valentine’s Day.  I assembled Grandma’s time honored recipe, fancy cookie cutters (a heart, flower, pig, and tartlet pan) and my two best bakers. The cookies disappeared from the cooling racks before even the slightest whisper of frosting could be
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Tomato Security

In the course of one (long) day, we traversed the Tomato Gap.  The immense weight of tomatoes ripening, languishing, a handful of yards from the house had been building up, the harvest delayed again and again by other pressing chores.  Sunday, we decided, would be the day to transition them to mason jars. It was not until late afternoon that
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The secret ingredient of Nettle Soup is…

a good helper wearing mismatched snow mittens.

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