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At the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Fest

It may not have the hype and luster of Rhinebeck, but this little Wisconsin fiber festival is not to be dismissed.  After three solid days there, I feel full to bursting with a renewed sense of vigor and excitement for all things wooly. This Coopworth/Silk roving from Hidden Valley Farm Woolen Mill winked at me as I brushed by.  We’re
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Five Things: The Nay Sweater

Ah yes.  We have arrived at number three of Five Things:  Finished Objects.  Let’s begin. I’ve called it The Nay Sweater (as opposed to yesterday’s Yea Sweater) because its incarnation here is a short one.  I shall be frogging it soon (ripping it out for you crazy non-knitters) and crafting something entirely new with it. Others may refer to the
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Five Things: The Yea Sweater

Welcome to number Two of Five Things: Finished Objects. Kakomu by Kristen Johnstone.  A lovely, flowing, lightweight cardigan made with the exquisite lambswool and linen Habu yarn.  I finished knitting this some time at the end of last year.  It seemed, with its linen content, to be a perfect transitional season sweater, but I’m surprised to say I’ve worn it
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Civil War Couple

Let me tell you about Galena.

Given the crabby nature of that last post, it was clear that we needed to get out of Dodge for a while.  Stash the kids with their grandparents, head South.  So we did. To Galena, IL.  Perched in the Northwest corner of Illinois, it was hardly much of a trek from Madison; it hardly garnered us any of the temperature
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The Man Hat

First off the needles from my own stash of From Drought is a basic hat for Captain Daddio. I always forget how quickly a hat can knit up – so fast that one can knit it up, block it, find it’s 17 sizes too big, hide it before the Mister comes home, frog it, and reknit it in a handful
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Yarn Heavy

My last semester of college was spent near Florence, Italy in a study abroad program offering a steady diet of art history.  We regularly ventured into the city to spend hours within the chilly confines of chapels more ancient than I could comprehend.  I met Michelangelo there and read, for one of my courses, some of his homoerotic poetry. I
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This Moment.

I’m joining SouleMama today with a moment I’d like to remember.


This might be my favorite sweater of all.

Oh, I’m so excited to show you my newest sweater!  Such a labor of love it was, from start to finish. What a joy!  I had been waiting to knit this up for a long time – a few weeks ago I mustered the courage to begin.  For the yarn, I sought out the fattest wool I could find. I
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Winterlit Herringbone Cowl Pattern

At last, a cowl. It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of this knitting pattern, so carefully designed to complement the unique hand of First Harvest yarn.  Winterlit, it is called and indeed, the saturated hues shine like a beacon through the grey.  Winterlit is knit in Herringbone stitch, an elegant but easy to learn stitch pattern
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Be on the ready.

Something wonderful is waiting to be born.  A skein of yarn has yielded a magnificent antidote to late Winter.  Woolen loops and knots, made with sticks, have been arranged just so, the choreography has been recorded, the results tested and loved.  I am now fashioning it all into a virtual paper airplane, giving it wings to reach you all, wherever
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