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I sheared ten sheep last weekend.

I have a minivan full of fresh-clipped wool. Yet the pounds of wool per acre on my pasture remains as high as ever; none of the shearing was done on my own flock.  I’m about a third into my gig as shearer-for-hire, having started with the relieving of nine lovely ewes of their wool baggage on Saturday.  On Sunday, I
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Day 2.

The second day of Crazy-Cold-Winter-Lambing went something like this: “Ooh, Sweet Baby!  I missed you!  How are you doing?” This is The Beach – a barrel-turned-lamb-heating-chamber.  I defy you to locate another Sheep Hotel with a built in Beach. Ah – here’s Little Georgie.  What a beach bum. Martha acquiesces to the enormous show of affection. “Awww, Silly Ones! Hot
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Lamba lamba

Last Tuesday I began writing this post in my head.  I titled it “Agnes’ Reprise,” owing to her resoundingly successful second round of lambing twins.  Her loss of a strapping ram lamb last June sent my world into a tailspin for a bit, and as it turned out, she was again the first to lamb this season.  One might note
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The Man Hat

First off the needles from my own stash of From Drought is a basic hat for Captain Daddio. I always forget how quickly a hat can knit up – so fast that one can knit it up, block it, find it’s 17 sizes too big, hide it before the Mister comes home, frog it, and reknit it in a handful
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Free Shipping Today

Today’s the Postal Last Hurrah before Christmas.  If you’ve had your eye on something in particular, today’s the day to pull the trigger. Enjoy free shipping on all orders placed today! (Offer applies to continental US; if you’re outside that area, enjoy a 50% discount on standard shipping.  Use this code: wearetheworld ) Maybe Murmur has been whispering to you.
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Yarn Heavy

My last semester of college was spent near Florence, Italy in a study abroad program offering a steady diet of art history.  We regularly ventured into the city to spend hours within the chilly confines of chapels more ancient than I could comprehend.  I met Michelangelo there and read, for one of my courses, some of his homoerotic poetry. I
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This is Wool. for the Handspinner

Finally some offerings for Handspinners! Murmur is the result of a test round with a small woolen mill in the midwest.  I sent in a couple of fleeces and got back in return this lovely roving, which I dyed with the faintest of color.  Murmur is available in 4 oz balls of roving and is ready to be spun into
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Introducing From Drought, the latest harvests of This is Wool.

With no further ado, I’d like to formally introduce you to From Drought. On Ravelry: here.

Opening Text600

Roll the Video: From Drought

It is so exciting to share with you this video for From Drought, the second edition of This is Wool. yarn, going live in the FGA shop later Friday, October 4.  What time?  As soon as I can pull the code out of my magic hat.  I have a lot of pages to build and some repairs to make to
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The Squam Art Fair was a stunning lesson in abundance.

Join me for the official launch of This is Wool. + From Drought next Friday, Oct. 4, 2013. I started preparing for the Saturday night Squam Art Fair before my official registration hit Elizabeth’s desk in July.  It would be the debut, I decided early on, of the next harvest of This is Wool., the limited edition finewool yarn I
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