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Small things in boxes on my kitchen counter

It matters not what the calendar says.  Spring had not officially arrived to Five Green Acres until it was borne on the wings of 4 lbs of bees and a parcel of day old chicks.  It is here now, and in full force. The bees have been called in to take over for those before them who fought the good
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I let down my guard in a moment of panic.

I got a hilarious email last week, mid-way through our whirlwind 36-hour roadtrip.  “YOUR CHICKS HAVE SHIPPED!” I read as we transitioned from the swimming portion to the supper portion of the trip.  Whaaat? Hello Mary, Unfortunately, there was an oversite (sic) with our cancellations and it was missed by our packer. Your chick order was shipped as originally ordered.
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The arrival of the placenta marked the end of the 2013 lambing season.

The Five Green Acres lamb roster is set for the year, after the mid-day arrival of a perfect ewe lamb to Camille.  I waited with much excitement to see if another lamb was to emerge from within, because you never really know how many are in there.  The arrival of the placenta, however, usually means that the ewe’s cleared everyone
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Chicken Squared

Two important Chicken Announcements: 1. Cost for the Chicken Butchering Workshop has been reduced to $175 for anyone who registers before June 8th.  Yahoo! Also, a couple of folks have asked if we’ll be offering the class again at a later date.  We sure aim to, but not until next summer – we don’t plan to raise more chickens this
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Chicken Announcements: Pastured Chicken for Pre-Order AND 2-Day Butchering Workshop

Hey local folks!  Two exciting chicken announcements have been in the works for the last several weeks and I’m excited to make them both public today. Five Green Acres Pastured Chicken is now available for pre-order! Harvest Day is Sunday, June 2 – plan to pick up your pre-ordered birds or cuts and join us in the Harvest Potluck Celebration. 
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Spring Sprung, Exhibit A

In a much-anticipated move, the sheep were reunited with the pasture this Saturday.  And the whole crowd cheered.        


The Hatch

I had no idea this hatching business could span a few days, but it has, much to our delight.  Amid all the excitement, I was able to catch on video the moment when our first Lavender Orpington greeted the world.  We’re on day 3 of hatching and each one is as exciting as the last. Also, this week’s post is
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Pip pip!

Last night at 10pm we noticed the first pips of two chicks breaking through their eggs.  We could also hear cheeping sounds coming from inside.  Can you imagine what I dreamed about all last night? The real event happened around 8:30am today. This birthday boy is happy to share his day with newly-hatched chicks.  Yessir, he’s quite pleased with the
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Chick Tracker: 12 days old

In just over a week, the fluff balls I introduced you to at the end of March have changed considerably.  The wings are feathered out, many tails as well.  They’ve grown dramatically taller.  The combs are starting to become more prominent.  And they are eating and eating and eating.  Unlike the batch of Cornish Cross broilers that we raised last
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The chicks arrived today.

The broiler chicks are here and what a vital, lively bunch they are. Enjoy!

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