I got all livestock. I got all livestock.

Rainy Interlude



I wanted to take a brief respite today from Five Things to reflect on the cool and relentlessly rainy week we’ve had here in the North.  While I’m thankful that it’s merely cold and rainy and not apocalyptic destruction around here, it has still been a week of momentous inactivity that I look forward to leaving behind.


The Sheep Hotel has been full-up.  And still they’re soggy but appear unfazed.  They’re sheep, after all.  Sometimes it rains, sometimes it doesn’t; they’re still sheep and well outfitted for the weather either way.  Until shearing day, which looms on the horizon, awaiting a warm and dry opening in the clouds.


The pigs are rather unfazed as well, still quite absorbed in their FGA-sanctioned task of tilling up the pasture behind the barn foundation.  A mighty nice job of it they’re doing, too.  One of these days I must capture a video of these guys running towards me.  Imagine the Dumbo-size flapping of the ears as they make haste to arrive at the food I’m delivering.  It’s hilarious and heart-warming at the same time, knowing that not all pigs have the space to run when it suits them.  I’m thankful we can offer that to these two.

Iconic Farm

I wish you a lovely dry weekend, full of equal parts adventure, mischief, and rest and shall rejoin you here on Monday and Tuesday with the thrilling conclusion to the Five Things: Finished Objects series.  After that, who knows what’s in store.

5 responses to “Rainy Interlude


Loving the photos of rain!! Here in the land of drought moisture of all kinds looks good to me. Lovely life you have there my friend-


Your last photo of the sheep and the rooster sitting on the fence looks like an oil painting. You captured the beautiful oak tree in the background perfectly. I love it.

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