A fraction of the barn has reassembled.


As a woodshed.


How is it that barnwood weathers the passing of time with such grace and beauty?  Such integrity it has, though more of it is philosophical than structural at this point.  Perhaps it is just ordinary weathered wood turned sublime through the romance of the barn and the vitality held within.  Rumor has it that stray bullets are also held within the grain, remnants from the era of gun hunters out back.



It stands as a fitting tribute to the structures that stood these grounds before, barn included, owing to the hard work of Andrew.  The meager piling of wood within will last no more than a winter heartbeat; much more splitting and stacking awaits.  But for now, the wood that we do have ready will be kept dry.  That is no small victory.


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4 Responses to “A fraction of the barn has reassembled.”

  1. I noticed it yesterday. Looks great. Maybe the wood could share the space with your cow.

  2. Mary Jo says:

    Or at the very least her hay. :) I like the way you think, Jeanne.

  3. anie says:

    I’d be happy to live in there!! I love old wood~I get the redwood fence boards from a fence builder who takes them down for other folks and then, instead of carting them to the dump, he brings them here! I use them for garden beds, making sheds, reinforcing the chicken coop~hell, I even made a bed!! The character and price are unbeatable ;)

  4. Cheryl says:

    Great structure Andrew! Can I hire you to build me one just like it? They say wood warm you twice..once when you cut it and the second when you burn it..in this case it’s three times ..the first is when you build it a home

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