I think you should know.

It’s that time of year?

Last year at this time, we were all crafting for the cause of Haiti, to lend our support to the devastation there.  This year, it’s Queensland.  It looks like there are a few different ways to lend our support as crafters.  SewMamaSew just linked to this:

And Monkemoomoo, an  Australian herself, alerted me (thanks!) to this Dolly Drive :

I’ll bet that more things will be popping up in the days to come.

I’ve been looking for an excuse to make a barrel of Menswear Bunnies from Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing, which I gleefully received for Christmas.  A birthday gift or just another stuffie for The Boy would have been sufficient, though – wish the impetus for making these wasn’t massive flooding.  Might also try this felted wool animal project too. Care to join me in the Dolly Drive, anyone?

Here’s hoping that this time next year will be peacefully quiet and devoid of major natural disaster.


Thanks for all the feedback so far on The Rumpelstiltskin Challenge!  It’s going to be fun, no?  Start uploading your pics to the flickr page – I’ll be highlighting some of my favorites to share in Friday’s Project Report post.  Finished projects, before-and-after, even shots of your (unruly) stash are all fair game for sharing.

I’m also getting some mixed feedback on the button – if it’s not working properly for you, shoot me an email and we’ll see if we can figure it out.  fivegreenacres at gmail dot com.


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