Meet the latest harvest of This is Wool. yarn.  I N D I G O features pure Five Green Acres yarn, hand-dyed with indigo and indigo alone. From the merest suggestion of blue to the deepest, most saturated hue, INDIGO captures the amazing span of color gleaned from this brilliant pigment.  Indigo is proof that magic exists.

See it for yourself.

I N D I G O offers our smallest gauge yet – Fingering weight.  It’s just the thing your fingers have been itching for as warmer winds beckon.

Approximately 4 oz / 500 yards per skein * Fingering weight *

Cormo + Rambouillet wool * Limited Edition *

Each skein is a unique dye lot.  As such, we recommend alternating skeins within a project.

Photos exhibit the range of color present within each colorway; individual skeins will vary.

Options with Confetti:  some skeins developed a delightful raspberry-colored flecked  appearance after coming out of the dyepot.  The flecks are entirely random and intermittent.


The Yarn

20,000 Leagues / Leagues with Confetti
20,000 Leagues / Leagues with Confetti
$32.00 4 oz. skein


Your Favorite Jeans
Your Favorite Jeans
Both Kinds - Country & Western
Both Kinds – Country & Western / Both Kinds with Confetti
$30.00 4 oz. skein


Ethereal 1020
Ethereal / Ethereal with Confetti
$28.00 4 oz. skein


$26.00 4 oz. skein

About Indigo dye:  while each skein of yarn has been washed and rewashed and washed again, there may still be unfixed indigo dye present in the fibers, which will find its way onto your fingertips.  This is the nature of indigo dye and this “crocking”, or smurf-like residue you may experience, is a hallmark of Indigo-dyed fiber.  It is in no way indicative of inferior dyework, but rather a quirky idiosyncrasy of this enigmatic dye.  It washes off simply with soap and hot water.  Likely the knitting experience will be sufficient to shake loose any extra dye and you’ll likely not experience further crocking with your finished work.

The Roving


Wool Care

Air outside to freshen, wash only when soiled. Hand wash warm water.

Roll up gently inside a towel in lieu of wringing, lay flat to dry.

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