Sewn: Lady Grey Jacket by Colette Patterns

(Lady Grey by Colette Patterns) Hot off the sewing machine is this lovely velveteen jacket in a color I shall call Electrified Red-Pink.  It’s not for the faint-of-heart, but when paired with this lining of deep plum, I think it’s dynamite. Right?  I wish I could wear it inside out.  It reminds me of an art concept that I first
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Small things in boxes on my kitchen counter

It matters not what the calendar says.  Spring had not officially arrived to Five Green Acres until it was borne on the wings of 4 lbs of bees and a parcel of day old chicks.  It is here now, and in full force. The bees have been called in to take over for those before them who fought the good
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Shaking up our World

I think the entire house is in a state of upheaval right now, the good kind of upheaval where everything is called into question and made to justify itself.  You – shelf over there – are you adequately serving us right now? Oh, don’t avert your eyes from me, collection of hardcover-books-waiting-to-be-turned-into-blank-books.  We both know your number has been up
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Understudies to the Cast

Waiting in the wings for his big break onto the Five Green Acres stage is Jeremy Fisher.   Jeremy started his career as an actual bullfrog before attaining his degree in Immortality from the University of Taxidermy.  He boasts a breathtaking carrying capacity, which Captain Daddio has assigned to spare Poker change.  (The Captain is a high roller in his
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We’re back with an all-new cast this season.

Meet Sir Cleges.  A guy this handsome (and pompous) can only hail from the stuff of legend.  Indeed he does.  The audiobook version as told by Odds Bodkin has become a Christmas Day staple for us as we make the drive to celebrate with family every year.  This Blue Self tom turkey formerly held the role of Arthur when I
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Civil War Couple

Let me tell you about Galena.

Given the crabby nature of that last post, it was clear that we needed to get out of Dodge for a while.  Stash the kids with their grandparents, head South.  So we did. To Galena, IL.  Perched in the Northwest corner of Illinois, it was hardly much of a trek from Madison; it hardly garnered us any of the temperature
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Winter insists upon epic projects.

My hands have not held a knitting project in weeks.  My sewing machine sits in chilly silence, murmuring weak pleas of encouragement to continue work on an array of woolen undershirts for the whole family.  A pile of vomit-bedding waits for me to uncurl from my protective fetal position and fire up the washing machine.  A blog sits silent for
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The Vicarious Farmer: Adventures in Entropion!

It’s been so long since you hopped on my shoulder and joined me vicariously in a particularly-farmy adventure. Let’s rectify that, shall we? Remember little Georgie and his weepy eye?  We decided to call the vet on that one, you and I.  The Book suggested it might be a condition called entropion, where the eyelid turns in and scratches the
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Day 2.

The second day of Crazy-Cold-Winter-Lambing went something like this: “Ooh, Sweet Baby!  I missed you!  How are you doing?” This is The Beach – a barrel-turned-lamb-heating-chamber.  I defy you to locate another Sheep Hotel with a built in Beach. Ah – here’s Little Georgie.  What a beach bum. Martha acquiesces to the enormous show of affection. “Awww, Silly Ones! Hot
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Lamba lamba

Last Tuesday I began writing this post in my head.  I titled it “Agnes’ Reprise,” owing to her resoundingly successful second round of lambing twins.  Her loss of a strapping ram lamb last June sent my world into a tailspin for a bit, and as it turned out, she was again the first to lamb this season.  One might note
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