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The Rumple Report: Prodigal Edition

Well, now!  Remember that little challenge I issued at the start of the year?  I do, vaguely.  Seems I’ve be a bit remiss in keeping my own participation up-to-date.  Sewing, knitting, and other such stash-bushing activities seem to be furthest from my mind while wrenching newborn lambs from their uterine enclosures or wresting jungle-gauge weeds from the garden beds.  (insert your own excuses here too, if you wish)  But after last week’s grand cannonball back into sewing, I thought it might be time to see if I can coax a few more of you back into the sewing-what-we-got game.  It’s August already, and time for a new theme.

Back to School.

Am I the only one out there who is frantically ticking off the days till the school bus arrives and brings a little peace to the house?  Has anyone else thought about dropping off the almost-X-grader at the school to wait out the last days till the first bell rings in a new school year?  Is anyone else on the verge of going crazy? Please, humor me and tell me I’m not alone.  And then let’s all channel that energy (empathetic or real) into making some things for the kiddos to wear while they’re mercifully Not. At. Home.

I’ll start.

Isadora requested a skirt in the midst of a skirt-making frenzy, so I swiftly obliged.  Its former job was as a strapless dress for a waif.

And while I’m playing catch-up, I thought that I’d also share some more views of the dress I made for myself in last week’s sewing orgy.

Here it is, straight from the hamper, only slightly unrolled from its balled-up heap.




3 responses to “The Rumple Report: Prodigal Edition

Definitely counting the days till school starts. Two weeks. That’s two of the four out of the house for 7 hours a day! I didn’t realize how much I wouldn’t get done during the summer.

Amy Sue

super cute skirt!!! you girls have great taste! : )
The dress is perfect! you make the best stuff! NOW IF I CAN GET MY MACHINE FIXED I CAN SEW AGAIN TOO…I am lost with out an outlet!
any crafty weekends in the future?

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