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Shop Update: Plussed Quilt Top Kits

Introducing the latest Quilt Top Kit design:  Plussed. a monochromatic design of striking simplicity, offered to you in a Lap size Quilt Top Kit Available in a handful of colorways, found here.  

The Report from The Rumpelstiltskin Challenge, Week 2

I don’t have a whole lot to show for this week’s challenge, save for some bloody pin-pricked fingertips and some good intentions.  I’m on the verge of wrapping up the Quilt Top Kits I’ve been hard at work on, but the light’s waning and the time’s run out for today.  Next week, I say, barring some unforeseen delay. You remember
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Maybe what you need is to…

…glue some plates to your wall. Yes?  

Come find me at Elsie Marley

Because I can’t be bothered to do two posts in one day, (or the glue’s not yet dry for the project I intended to post here) you’ll have to follow me over to Elsie Marley. She’s kindly invited me to guest post today, while she languishes in the Hawaiian sun and misses us dearly.  You betcha.

I’ve just added Abigail Washburn to the list…

of people I wish were my next-door neighbors.  Surely we’d be best friends. I’ve watched this about three times so far today.  And it’s only 10:46 a.m. Skip to 8:40 to hear her sing the Chinese folk song if you’ve only time for one song.  It gave me goosebumps.  

The Report from The Rumpelstiltskin Challenge, Week 1

Welcome to the end of the kick-off week of The Rumpelstiltskin Challenge.  How did it go for you all – did you make it out alive?  It was an interesting week here among my own over-stuffed shelves, spanning a gamut of emotions from satisfaction to panic.  A whole year?  From only this stuff? I had to talk myself off the
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Still knitting like my fingers are on fire.

I am still completely enamored with this yarn and this pattern.  (Ravelry link) Only the sleeves remain unfinished.  All around me, however, the repercussions of knitting a sweater in less than 25 days are coming into focus.  Piles of laundry (mostly clean) dot the home landscape like newly-formed mountain chains.  The Pugs are quite the little climbers, it turns out,
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He had lipstick on his collar and was smoking a cigarette.

I’m so pleased to announce that we think our Girls are pregnant.  Of course they should be, right?  Sam the Sham, our ram, has been sharing living quarters with them since the end of October.  They’re young and presumably fertile; he’s young and presumably virile.  Why wouldn’t they be pregnant?  It’s just us Nervous Nellies, us newbie shepherds, wallowing in
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It’s that time of year?

Last year at this time, we were all crafting for the cause of Haiti, to lend our support to the devastation there.  This year, it’s Queensland.  It looks like there are a few different ways to lend our support as crafters.  SewMamaSew just linked to this: And Monkemoomoo, an  Australian herself, alerted me (thanks!) to this Dolly Drive : I’ll
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The Rumpelstiltskin Challenge

The Rumpelstiltskin Challenge

Because Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Because sometimes we have to build some fences in order to jump over them. Because there is so much good stuff to work with, right here. Because I don’t think I could fit another new thing in this studio without a shoehorn. Because it’s
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