Pastured Chicken

Delicious grass-fed, farm fresh broiler chicken, carefully frozen whole or packed into your favorite cuts, ready for your freezer or dinner table.

Grown the old-fashioned way – on fresh air, sunshine, abundant grass and protein-packed bugs.

Grass diet is supplemented with locally-sourced wholesome grains, free from animal by-products and antibiotics.

These birds bear little resemblance to grocery store chicken.  It is no surprise that raising chickens in fresh air and sunlight on pasture yields meat significantly higher in Omega-3s and other nutrients, with less cholesterol than strictly grain-fed poultry.

We want the chicken on our plates to be raised with integrity, to be nutritionally superior and exceedingly delicious. That we are able to produce this meat for ourselves, our children, and our local community makes each bite all the more satisfying.

Want some on your plate?  We raise a modest, limited quantity each year; available on a first come, first served basis, with priority given to returning customers.

2013 Harvest  +


We’ve chosen to raise a different variety of broilers this year, one better suited to foraging on pasture. We are delighted by how vibrant and active this season’s batch is, acting exactly as chickens should while maintaining a steady growth rate.  They are a much better match for our food and production philosophy than last year’s cornish-cross broilers, but grow at a slightly slower rate. Simply adding a week or two to their production should allow us to maintain the plump, juicy meat we’ve enjoyed in the past.  The average dressed weight is between 4.5-5 lbs.

+ Whole Roasting Chicken +

This is the old-fashioned whole chicken worthy of the traditional Sunday Chicken Dinner.  All whole birds are carefully chilled for pickup on Harvest Day, allowing you the option to cut it up into your own packs before freezing.  All whole birds delivered or picked up after Harvest Day will be frozen solid.  All are cleanly packaged in a heavy-duty shrink poly to maintain freshness in the freezer.  Average weight is between 4 and 5 lbs.

Whole Roasting Chicken (ave. weight 5-6lbs)


$10.oo deposit per bird. Actual cost to be determined by weight at time of pickup.

$5.50 per lb





+ Pre-cut Packs +

We understand that cooking up a whole chicken is not so practical for everyone, nor is limited freezer space accommodating for many birds.  To address this, we’ve made available packs of cut boneless/skinless breasts and leg quarters (thigh and leg).  Each pack has either the breasts or quarters; they’re not mixed.  Packs average slightly less than 2 pounds and are shrink-sealed in high quality poly packaging.


Chicken Breast pack of 4 (boneless, skinless)


$5.oo deposit per pack. Actual cost to be determined by weight at time of pickup.

$9.50 per lb

4 breasts per pack






Chicken Leg Quarter pack of 2 (leg + thigh, bone-in)


$5.oo deposit per pack. Actual cost to be determined by weight at time of pickup.

$9.50 per lb

2 quarters per pack



+ Stock Packs +

Nothing beats homemade chicken stock.  Our favorite method: toss the pack contents into a large stock pot, add 1-2 quartered onions, (skins-on for a lovely colored stock) 1 T whole peppercorns, and some sprigs of fresh thyme.  Cover generously with water, salt it or not.  Bring to a boil, then simmer for an hour or more.  Strain out the whole bits, incorporating the small pieces of chicken meat into the golden broth if you wish and pour into jars for the freezer or the pressure canner. Get fancy, clean out your fridge, and throw in some celery, carrots, or parsley if you desire.

In each Stock Pack:  one back, neck, and a pair (or more) of feet  (Why the feet? Gelatin!)

All are cleanly packaged in a heavy-duty poly bags to maintain freshness in the freezer.

The Ultimate Chicken Stock Pack (back, neck, feet)


$6.00 per pack







+ Giblets Packs:  Livers, Hearts, Gizzards +

Yes, we have these too!  These nutritional powerhouses are sometimes hard to find, aren’t they? This year we’re making small packs of each available to you as well.  We’ll pack them in approx. 1 lb bags for your convenience.  Pre-order them now to have them ready for pickup on Harvest Day.

$2.00 deposit per pack. Actual cost to be determined by weight at time of pickup.

$5.25 per lb