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Sugar Maple Recap

  Well hello there, Strangers.  You’d think, by my lingering absence, that Summer had swallowed me whole and spit me out this side of August.  And you’d be right. Thankfully I have regained some equilibrium in time to deliver our thrilling recap of this year’s Sugar Maple Music Festival.  If you’ve hung around here for any length of time, you’ll
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Out of nowhere, a Cajun Fete.

It was not quite a week ago when I was summoned from bed earlier than I had liked.  He was clad in a bathrobe and he delivered the simple words that yanked me into full consciousness.  “Our pipes are frozen.” It was day something-or-other in a string of days too cold to mention.  They were days that kept us tethered
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Gentlemen of the Road – Troy Stopover

It was a great weekend.


It’s a good lineup this year.

Today –being the Monday before the Sugar Maple Music Fest — is traditionally the day when I lament the fact that I can’t/won’t be making family outfits to mark our attendance.  But we all know what crack-smoking talk* that is by now, right? We all fully understand that the handmade attire is compulsory for my family’s attendance, in accordance with
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There is a piano in my living room.

On Friday night we huffed and we puffed and we brought home our piano.  Our living room is complete; I smile each and every time I walk through the room, still shocked to have realized this lifelong desire.  We have a piano. No, none of us play.  Officially.  But it’s getting plenty of play time, even out of tune as
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Fiddle Dee Dee

It’s high time I told you about our band. It’s called Fiddle Dee Dee, in an unabashed reference to Gone With the Wind, and is comprised of two members – me and Isadora.  Not fiddlers by trade, we began taking lessons together in September.  And it’s been a bumpy ride, Folks.  So bumpy. Learning something new is HARD and it
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This morning is first-rate.

The new Mumford and Sons album magically arrived in my inbox this morning, setting the tone for a stellar day. There was knitting. Reading. Puppy love. And an ever-growing awareness that we’ve not got enough chew toys to satisfy those puppy teeth.  Yes, Leila, we all think Errol’s feet are delicious, but we mean it metaphorically.


Tradition Solidified

I’ve spoken so many times of the Sugar Maple Music Festival, that summer event which we revere more than any other.  We afford it sacred calendar protection normally reserved for  holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and now Solstice. Please don’t plan on getting married, birthing/baptizing your baby, or dying on the weekend of the Sugar Maple; we probably won’t attend. (your
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Musical interlude

Something musical to chew on.  Look for the hauntingly beautiful singing saw.

That we were a Family Unit was unmistakable.

I met that little deadline set so flippantly last Wednesday.  Somehow I managed to sew a new something for all four of us, or rather two sets of coordinating get-ups.   It was fortunate that we did get in some dancing before we all melted into a big, handsewn puddle.  It was so, so hot.  Our night ended abruptly when
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