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You just never know what you will find.

Just this morning Leila scared up this brilliant bird, a Brewster’s Warbler, as best we can tell.  It hung around only long enough to rest its legs and allow us a few photos and some gentle caresses with our eager fingers.  That the cat Ruby was spotted nearby shortly after we left the traveler to rest is a sobering suggestion
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Out of nowhere, a Cajun Fete.

It was not quite a week ago when I was summoned from bed earlier than I had liked.  He was clad in a bathrobe and he delivered the simple words that yanked me into full consciousness.  “Our pipes are frozen.” It was day something-or-other in a string of days too cold to mention.  They were days that kept us tethered
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The Surreal Homeschool Program About Pilgrims I Mentioned Yesterday

  While the pigs were frolicking to and fro unbeknownst to us, Isadora, Errol, and I were immersed in all things Pilgrim. “Good Morrow,” she greeted us upon entering the room.  “How now?” She was Pilgrim from head to toe, and arrived speaking the dialect of the King’s English that would have been common for our nation’s first immigrants.  She
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Field Trip to Devil’s Lake

It was weather that couldn’t be argued with.  By 10 am, we were out the door and on the way to whatever adventure we could scare up. There were a couple of necessarily-firm discussions about boundaries and veering from the well-marked path and how doing so without caution could lead to death.  So slow down, Witchard. I may have shaved
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Reflections on the first year home.

Do you think you’re smart enough to homeschool your kids? This was the question I was posed recently at a family gathering. I burst out laughing, because of who was asking the bold question, as well as the absurdity of answering it. It was Grandma, mine through marriage, not birth, but just as cherished. I enjoy regular, feisty phone conversations
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Turning Inward

A gentle rain thrums a persistent rhythm atop the porch roof.  I’m taking to my bed this day, in an effort to quiet the havoc a mid-summer cold virus is wreaking on my upper respiratory system.  All business shall be conducted from these cushioned headquarters, with perhaps the exception of moving the sheep to fresh pasture.  I’ve secured permission to
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Have camper, will travel…

  …back in time. Was it March when we acquired this gem of a popup camper?  I think so.  Sporting a color palette that was all the rage in 1995, the year of its birth, this deluxe model Starcraft has secured a place of affection and great utility in our burgeoning family culture.  We’ve become Camper Folk, and it is
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The Lovely Ladies’ Egg Club

Let the records show that Isadora has started her first business, an egg business.  Given her penchant lately for all things “club” and paying homage to the “Lovely Ladies” moniker she bestowed upon the flock 5 1/2 years ago, we’ve decided to call it The Lovely Ladies’ Egg Club.  It’s a chance for her to have some honest responsibility, with
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Egg Dyeing in Progress

A friend came by a few days ago to instruct us on the ancient art of psanky, or Ukranian Egg Dyeing.  In just a couple of hours, we covered the basics and got down to designing our own eggs. Psanky is basically egg batik.  Beeswax is used as a resist, applied in a fine line with a kistka, the reservoir
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A Visit to the Geology Museum

It was the answer to the question I had posed to her at the beginning of the week: “What do you want to learn about?” Sulfur, geodes, malachite…even behind glass they capture the attention of the Girl Who Collects Rocks Everywhere She Goes. The Boy?  He was only in it for the dinosaurs.  Where are the dinosaurs?  No.  Where are
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