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Chicken Announcements: Pastured Chicken for Pre-Order AND 2-Day Butchering Workshop

Hey local folks!  Two exciting chicken announcements have been in the works for the last several weeks and I’m excited to make them both public today. Five Green Acres Pastured Chicken is now available for pre-order! Harvest Day is Sunday, June 2 – plan to pick up your pre-ordered birds or cuts and join us in the Harvest Potluck Celebration. 
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Spring Sprung, Exhibit B

With the help of my two Trusty Transplanters, we began filling the greenhouse shelves with the sprouts that had outgrown their humble beginning under my bathroom lights.  I may have jumped the gun on moving the teeny-tiny tomato starts – I think many of them were not quite strong enough to weather the shock of transplanting – they now lay
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Greenery: Right on Schedule

As much as I’ve been enjoying the winter (and I really have) it seems that I’ve reached a critical point of green deficiency, the kind that finds me at my favorite greenhouse, not grocery store, seeking remedy.  With more than a little sense of deja vu, I visited that greenhouse this past weekend, feeling sure that the last time I
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Tomato Security

In the course of one (long) day, we traversed the Tomato Gap.  The immense weight of tomatoes ripening, languishing, a handful of yards from the house had been building up, the harvest delayed again and again by other pressing chores.  Sunday, we decided, would be the day to transition them to mason jars. It was not until late afternoon that
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row of onions

Somewhere here is hidden the rhythm of summer.

I’m convinced that the heartbeat of summer emanates from the clothesline.  Briskly shaking out wrinkles, careful pinning, and the cool of wet clothing queued, resting on my shoulder become a working meditation. Onions!  A whole row of them!  I think I’ve finally hit upon the secret to growing them.  Or rather, I’ve finally abandoned the old method which failed me
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storing seeds

Seed Starting Anew

I finally made my way to the part of the To Do list that allowed for some digging in the soil.  I meant to do this a couple of weeks ago, thinking I was already late, but realize now, as I count back the weeks from our Last Frost Date (LFD) that I’m right on target, more or less.  Checking
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Seed Saving for the Crazy-Busy

Harvest time always hits me with such a panic.  The boundless ambition and energy that embodied the Spring garden have left in their wake the inevitable results of such unbridled enthusiasm – an exhausted, overwhelmed, can’t-eat-another-bite ghost town garden.  From mid-to-late summer, it’s a lawless place, overrun with weeds and regret and I-should-really-though-I-know-I’m-not-going-to-so-I’ll-just-feel-bad-about-it-alls.  Getting the bounty out of the garden
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Out of the Office

I am currently out of the office.  A business trip has taken me to scour my gardens and those of my friends and neighbors for the last bits of summer color, which I will inject into a giant box of wool.  Our farmhouse kitchen is also out-of-the-office, as it has been thoroughly (and inconveniently) transformed into a dyeing workshop.  While
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And you thought you didn’t like lima beans.

I’ll bet you’d find that you were wrong.  I’ll bet that, when you cook up fresh, gorgeous beauties like these–lightly steam them, perhaps, toss them in butter and salt–you’d find them to be nothing at all like those gritty, pale green lima posers found in the mix of bagged frozen vegetables.  I’ll bet you’d drop your fork after taking the
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I’m about to dive into a giant box of delicious wool.

Like magic, this arrived in the mail last week.  I had sent them a box full of washed fleece packed so tight that I imagine opening it was like playing with a jack-in-the-box.  The fleece that exploded out of the box was washed again, carded, combed, and then spit out into one continuous piece of this lovely wool, called “combed
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