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The Vicarious Farmer: My, How Those Chicks Have Grown!

4 Weeks Old and ready for some pasture To get them there we must 1. Repair the newer Salatin-style pen and 2. Rehab the older, snow-damaged one into a portable shelter on wheels. We’d better get after it then.  Put yer gloves on and come on out.


Chick Tracker: 12 days old

In just over a week, the fluff balls I introduced you to at the end of March have changed considerably.  The wings are feathered out, many tails as well.  They’ve grown dramatically taller.  The combs are starting to become more prominent.  And they are eating and eating and eating.  Unlike the batch of Cornish Cross broilers that we raised last
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The chicks arrived today.

The broiler chicks are here and what a vital, lively bunch they are. Enjoy!


It’s easy to see where the pasture pens have passed through, fertilizing and rejuvinating the grasses.


The pasture offers ample grass, fresh air, sunlight.


Raised from chicks.


Grown with integrity.

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