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Shaking up our World

I think the entire house is in a state of upheaval right now, the good kind of upheaval where everything is called into question and made to justify itself.  You – shelf over there – are you adequately serving us right now? Oh, don’t avert your eyes from me, collection of hardcover-books-waiting-to-be-turned-into-blank-books.  We both know your number has been up
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Meet Peggy the Pint-Sized Pirate

Last weekend saw the performance of our 4-H club’s play “Peggy the Pint-Sized Pirate.”   The single performance, as part of the county-wide Drama Festival, was the culmination of two months of rehearsals and I daresay the pinnacle of Isadora’s budding acting career.  Being both pint-sized and of fierce determination, she snagged the lead role of Peggy. We filled the
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It’s Halloween Time!

Gosh, we love Halloween Time.


Exploring outside of Squam

If I may be so bold, I’ll venture that the greatest heartbreak of Squam was in having to choose the classes to take on Thursday and Friday.  The list of options was stellar, from Cal Patch to Ashley English to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and it took all I had to choose the two classes I wanted to take each day.  And
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The ocean still clings to my hair.

How does one re-enter the world after a glorious respite in an alternate universe?  How does one descend from this cloud without landing on her head or falling on her ass? Very delicately, I’d imagine, and slowly. Slowly, then, I am unwinding the cocoon that has enveloped me so deliciously these last nine days. It began as a retreat to
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My ears are finely tuned to the sounds of turkeys.

It must be said that the mortality rate of domestic turkeys is high.  It might be that the same is true for wild turkeys, but this exceeds my limited experience.  The mortality rate for domestic turkeys is surprisingly high.  I know this. I knew it when one of the four hatched on our kitchen table mysteriously tipped over (dead) in
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A boy and his tractor

The search for the perfect tractor is not one to undertake lightly.  It might take months to locate the elusive combination of power, features, price and patina, so you should prepare yourself, if you’re also in the market for one, for a ritual searching of Craigslist every night of the foreseeable future.  If you attend to this search with much
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This Moment.

I’m joining SouleMama today with a moment I’d like to remember.


Letting go of Olive

Sometimes love just isn’t enough, is it?  Last week found us teary-eyed and bereft as we drove clear across the state and broke up with our dog.  Oh, Olive.  It was alarming and then heartbreaking to realize the relationship between her and the family was not a healthy one, but when the realization hit, it rang with such truth that
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New normal

Last week I elected to have my eyeballs lasered to correct the nearsightedness that has been a part of my life since third grade. My glasses sit on my nightstand now, unused since Thursday, rendered obsolete. It is thrilling to be without them, even while my vision is stabilizing. The recovery period for the procedure I had (PRK) is more
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