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Chicken Announcements: Pastured Chicken for Pre-Order AND 2-Day Butchering Workshop

Hey local folks!  Two exciting chicken announcements have been in the works for the last several weeks and I’m excited to make them both public today. Five Green Acres Pastured Chicken is now available for pre-order! Harvest Day is Sunday, June 2 – plan to pick up your pre-ordered birds or cuts and join us in the Harvest Potluck Celebration. 
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Make a Magnetic Pincushion

Check your hardware store for a pair of ceramic block magnets. Scrounge up a neat old tin container.  Antique stores are filthy with typewriter ribbon tins and other appropriately-sized metal containers.  I’ll bet even an Altoids tin would work. Ka-pow! I’ll wager that making one before the start of KCW will increase your efficiency next week by a minimum of
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You might want to make your own rose water.

If you could capture the magnificent essence of roses and put it in a bottle, would you? I would.  Even if the gardens weren’t yet all in, even if you couldn’t get in or out of the front door, for the pile of dirty laundry waiting to be walked to the washer.  The roses are ready and are fleeting. With
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The 15-minute May Basket

A clever, if not timely variation on my Fabric Crochet Workshop – In the Round pattern.  15-minutes is a rough estimate of how long it would take a normal person to crochet one of these little sweeties.  I say rough because I rounded up.  Surely you could whip out a whole barrel of these in no time.  For my part,
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Rag Rug / Basket Crochet Pattern PDF. Crochet with Fabric!

It’s so satisfying to put together a robust tutorial like this, one that I hope will empower you to design exactly what you want.

It’s Friday AND it’s GREEN.

Mostly green, that is, with some polka dots thrown in for good measure. Welcome to the “Yes-I-Actually-Am-Still-Abiding-By-The-Rules-Of-That-Challenge-I-Created-Even-If-I-Can’t-Be-Counted-Upon-To-Report-On-It-All-Faithfully” edition of The Rumpelstiltskin Challenge Report.  April’s challenge theme, as I mentioned earlier, is Green, and not by coincidence either.  For months and months I’ve been working diligently and not so diligently on putting together a pattern for the basket I’ve repeatedly crocheted
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pattern weights

Tools of the Trade: Pattern Weights

I’m an absolute stickler for pinning when at the sewing machine, and confidently assert that it’s not negotiable if you value good craftsmanship and your time.  But pinning patterns to fabric when cutting out the pattern pieces?  Waste of time.  Because I’ve got pattern weights.  And now you can, too. They’re really nothing more than (pretty) pyramidal bean bags.  Place
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Tools of the Trade: Add a Seam Allowance

What better way to start off this series than with a tool that you already have lying in your desk drawer?  Clever AND frugal…I like it. It just so happens that, in their infinite wisdom, the creators of The Pencil engineered the distance between two pencil tips held side-by-side to equal 1/4.”  As they were no doubt good friends with
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The owls have risen. (with tutorial)

Owls. 75 or so odd owls, made by hand in a frenzy with a looming Christmas deadline.  Christmas 2007, that is.  The deadline came and went; the owls who were to be the centerpiece of a Christmas tree garland retreated to a dark corner to percolate.  But the corner proved to be not dark enough, as they became a favorite
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Sweater Mitten Tutorial!

It’s here, it’s here!  As promised, the Sweater Mitten Tutorial is ALL YOURS, with plenty of time to whip out a dozen pairs for the Holidays. These are patterns I’ve used dozens of times, so many times that I’d rather not make them in bulk ever again.  The patterns were given to me by a kind and generous woman in
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