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Sewn: Lady Grey Jacket by Colette Patterns

(Lady Grey by Colette Patterns) Hot off the sewing machine is this lovely velveteen jacket in a color I shall call Electrified Red-Pink.  It’s not for the faint-of-heart, but when paired with this lining of deep plum, I think it’s dynamite. Right?  I wish I could wear it inside out.  It reminds me of an art concept that I first
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Winter insists upon epic projects.

My hands have not held a knitting project in weeks.  My sewing machine sits in chilly silence, murmuring weak pleas of encouragement to continue work on an array of woolen undershirts for the whole family.  A pile of vomit-bedding waits for me to uncurl from my protective fetal position and fire up the washing machine.  A blog sits silent for
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Respectfully submitted.

Consider this my report on the sewing portion of the Sugar Maple music festival.  I apologize for its tardiness.  Only two items were started and finished before I ran out of steam. (because, let’s face it – the sewing certainly did not start when I said it would) For Mr. Halloween, a lovely mix of bats and cats.  The 4-yr-old
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It’s a good lineup this year.

Today –being the Monday before the Sugar Maple Music Fest — is traditionally the day when I lament the fact that I can’t/won’t be making family outfits to mark our attendance.  But we all know what crack-smoking talk* that is by now, right? We all fully understand that the handmade attire is compulsory for my family’s attendance, in accordance with
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Make a Magnetic Pincushion

Check your hardware store for a pair of ceramic block magnets. Scrounge up a neat old tin container.  Antique stores are filthy with typewriter ribbon tins and other appropriately-sized metal containers.  I’ll bet even an Altoids tin would work. Ka-pow! I’ll wager that making one before the start of KCW will increase your efficiency next week by a minimum of
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There is a big project on the horizon.

I can’t wait to tell you all about this project – from its crazy inception (over a particularly strong cup of coffee) to how the design features seemed to evolve organically, on their own. I will report on the process of making a muslin – how useful a tool it was and how it came together surprisingly quick, without seeming
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Tradition Solidified

I’ve spoken so many times of the Sugar Maple Music Festival, that summer event which we revere more than any other.  We afford it sacred calendar protection normally reserved for  holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and now Solstice. Please don’t plan on getting married, birthing/baptizing your baby, or dying on the weekend of the Sugar Maple; we probably won’t attend. (your
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Sweat Remediation, Part 1.

I’ve shied away from the mention of heat waves and drought here in this space. I suspected that, given the slightest opportunity, the whining and self pity and utter sluggishness resulting from this drought would take over the podium, that even the mere mention of it here would feed the monster and make it multiply, like the yeasty proliferation of
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Unlocking the Precious

The kids’ lack of proper sun protection caught me off guard this year.  All day Sunday was spent under the rays, without the slightest bit of brim to shield those delicate heads.  Better fix that quick.  With little ado, I found the perfect pattern, the Bucket Hat from the Oliver + S book Little Things to Sew.  As for fabric,
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I had no idea it was such a knitting hotbed.

I’ll be honest.  As soon as we decided on Portland, ME as our travel destination, I high-tailed it over to SouleMama to start compiling a list of must-sees.  A fiber shop (KnitWit), another fiber shop (Purl Diva), a fabric shop (Alewives) was an itinerary that prompted me to pack light, leaving room in the suitcase for tactile ‘souvenirs.’  That I
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