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At the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Fest

It may not have the hype and luster of Rhinebeck, but this little Wisconsin fiber festival is not to be dismissed.  After three solid days there, I feel full to bursting with a renewed sense of vigor and excitement for all things wooly. This Coopworth/Silk roving from Hidden Valley Farm Woolen Mill winked at me as I brushed by.  We’re
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Five Things: Finished Objects

Welcome to Five Things (I’ve Neglected to Mention).  It’s a short run of a series I conceived of in a desperate attempt to get back into the blogging habit.  It’s been a bit sparse here of late, and not because there wasn’t plenty to write about.  So while the keyboard was mostly silent, the needle and thread were not, nor
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Winter insists upon epic projects.

My hands have not held a knitting project in weeks.  My sewing machine sits in chilly silence, murmuring weak pleas of encouragement to continue work on an array of woolen undershirts for the whole family.  A pile of vomit-bedding waits for me to uncurl from my protective fetal position and fire up the washing machine.  A blog sits silent for
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Egg Dyeing in Progress

A friend came by a few days ago to instruct us on the ancient art of psanky, or Ukranian Egg Dyeing.  In just a couple of hours, we covered the basics and got down to designing our own eggs. Psanky is basically egg batik.  Beeswax is used as a resist, applied in a fine line with a kistka, the reservoir
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Winterlit Herringbone Cowl Pattern

At last, a cowl. It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of this knitting pattern, so carefully designed to complement the unique hand of First Harvest yarn.  Winterlit, it is called and indeed, the saturated hues shine like a beacon through the grey.  Winterlit is knit in Herringbone stitch, an elegant but easy to learn stitch pattern
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Be on the ready.

Something wonderful is waiting to be born.  A skein of yarn has yielded a magnificent antidote to late Winter.  Woolen loops and knots, made with sticks, have been arranged just so, the choreography has been recorded, the results tested and loved.  I am now fashioning it all into a virtual paper airplane, giving it wings to reach you all, wherever
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The slippers were long overdue.

Using the Felt Slippers pattern on the Martha Stewart Living website, I paid a debt long overdue. How can these girl-toes I jokingly munched on not so long ago have grown to such size, past even the confines of last year’s slippers?  I asked myself this in November, I reckon, and then fell into the belly of a giant whale,
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It’s beginning to smell a lot like Solstice.

Sweet, vital, enveloping beeswax – it is the defining aroma of the Solstice and the days leading up to it, when big blocks of golden light incarnate are melted down on the woodstove and poured into votive molds to await summoning on Solstice night.  We celebrated our first family Yule by illuminating the night with candles and sharing a meal
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Consider a Piñata

Grampa had a big birthday this Thanksgiving, one that could only be properly rung in with a piñata. It was all things a piñata fashioned by little hands should be – slightly awkward but bearing much charm, boasting a roomy interior, and surprisingly concrete in only one or two spots. The nose on this guy, for example, could withstand the
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Introducing: This is wool. First Harvest: Backyard

With no further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the long-awaited first harvest of Five Green Acres wool. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Being the first harvest, it’s also the official launch of the Five Green Acres line of yarn, known henceforth as This is wool.  You’ll find this first vintage of yarn, noted for its playful handspun vitality,
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