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Small things in boxes on my kitchen counter

It matters not what the calendar says.  Spring had not officially arrived to Five Green Acres until it was borne on the wings of 4 lbs of bees and a parcel of day old chicks.  It is here now, and in full force. The bees have been called in to take over for those before them who fought the good
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Bringing in the Honey

My feet had scarcely touched down from all of my travels when our attention was summoned to the beehive.  It was time to bring in the honey.  The chimney was swept, a hearty fire lit to heat the kitchen to a more flow-conducive temperature, and the beekeeper set off to collect a year’s rent from his honeybee tenants. We discovered
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Hive Inspection!

The resident Beeman picked up an extra veil over the weekend, so he invited me to suit up with him and take a peek inside the hive.  And woweeeeee.  All of my prior ideas about bees being pretty great were blown out of the water.  They are so…engrossing.  Amazing. Fascinating.  (insert a superlative adjective here)  But above all, they were
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Bees: Live Coverage

This just in –

Bringing Home the Bees

Captain Daddio brought home the bees on Saturday.  With that, we sewed a new badge on his vest – that of Beeman,  and I added new category to the blog.  Seems we are beekeepers now. Welcome, bees.  We hope you will be very happy and prosperous here.

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