This is Wool.

A big SALE to make way for the new harvest of yarn.


The studio shelves are bursting with bundles of new yarn!  To make way (and make room) for the newest harvest of This is Wool. yarn, we’ve decided to throw a price-cutting party and encourage the migration of past harvests.

Click on text to start shopping.$18 – From Drought Worsted weight yarn in Flaxen.  $5 Flat Rate shipping.  Find it here.

$14 – Murmur color-kissed roving.  $5 Flat Rate shipping.  Find it here.

Sweet Billy's 2014 Raw Fleece
Sweet Billy’s 2014 Raw Fleece

$99 – Skirted raw Cormo fleece from Sweet Billy.  Find it here.

Spotty's 2014 Raw Fleece
Spotty’s 2014 Raw Fleece

$75 – Cormo raw fleece from Spotty.  Find it here.

The flat rate shipping applies to domestic (US) continental shipping only.  International shipping available.

Happy shopping!

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