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Five Things: Solstice Garb


It is with a bit of an embarrassed cough that I introduce the following trio of sewn things, pulled off the sewing machine right before Solstice.  Winter Solstice.  Still, they are awesome and bear recording here, even if their timeliness is in question.


I began with this lovely embroidered dresser scarf, captured here in the warm glow of a dark, firelit December day.  It is a piece indicative of my thrifting holy grail – made by someone’s hand, linen, and bearing a motif currently en vogue with someone in my family.  As it turned out, I had the perfect pattern already in my stash – Sew Liberated’s Woodland Shirt – to translate it into something wearable.

With careful attention to the design, a few pattern modifications, and some help from a similarly-thrifted embroidered linen for the sleeves, I transformed it into this:



Not too shabby, eh?  I cut up a blouse to make that awesome bias tape edging and fancy covered buttons.  It needed a skirt, so then there was this:


It shares the same hard-to-accurately-photograph pink velveteen as my Lady Grey jacket.

For the Boy, I whipped out my fancy snap press and crafted this snazzy shirt.


If one’s goal in sewing clothes for their children is for those clothes to be worn frequently and with much enthusiasm, this particular shirt is a rousing success.  Gosh, that boy likes his clothes – it is so incredibly satisfying to make anything at all for him because it will show up in his daily rotation, guaranteed.

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