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Five Things: The Yea Sweater


Welcome to number Two of Five Things: Finished Objects.


Kakomu by Kristen Johnstone.  A lovely, flowing, lightweight cardigan made with the exquisite lambswool and linen Habu yarn.  I finished knitting this some time at the end of last year.  It seemed, with its linen content, to be a perfect transitional season sweater, but I’m surprised to say I’ve worn it plenty through the winter, as evidenced by the mild pilling it has developed. (owing to the lambswool portion of the yarn combo)



It’s designed to be worn with the seams in or out.  I swing both ways.


It’s also designed to have a clever, hip-looking tie to act as a closure (which you can see on the pattern page on Ravelry) but I found that it never remained closed for me, so after moving it down the sweater a bit and still finding no solution, I removed it altogether.  Too bad – I had really liked the way the detail looked in all the model photos, but when push comes to shove, I need a sweater that will perform (and look good while I’m in action) and not display awkward tendencies.


I’ve decided that navy is the new black; this sweater has become a staple of my sparse wardrobe and I look forward to pairing it with all of the imaginary shirts I’ve sewn in my head.  (an insane amount of sewing going on in there)


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