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Winterlit Herringbone Cowl Pattern


At last, a cowl.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of this knitting pattern, so carefully designed to complement the unique hand of First Harvest yarnWinterlit, it is called and indeed, the saturated hues shine like a beacon through the grey.  Winterlit is knit in Herringbone stitch, an elegant but easy to learn stitch pattern perfectly suited to a handspun yarn such as this.  Chevrons, buttons, bulky handspun yarn on big needles – these are the makings of a perfect late winter afternoon.


More importantly, it is a pattern that uses an entire skein of First Harvest, (or a suitable handspun bulky, when First Harvest is sold out, wink wink) whether the skein measures 100 or 148 yards. That flexibility was crucial to the design process, because I spun every yard of this yarn, folks.  I don’t want the leftovers crowding your stash any more than you do.



Does this look familiar? I ask the sheep, before I realize that they were nothing more than babes when First Harvest was collected. Still, I imagine they recognize me as kindred, joyfully wearing the wool of their mothers and father.


Mister Munson, now so wooly and grown into his nose wrinkles, gives the cowl a sniff test, checking for acrylic fibers.  The sheep hold a zero-tolerance policy for that shit, and rightly so. The cowl comes up clean.


It is the final step for me in this First Harvest – giving the yarn that I grew, washed, plant-dyed, and spun a pattern to transform it into elegant utility.  I invite you to try it for yourself.  More details and the PDF pattern can be found in my newly-polished-up shop as well as on Ravelry.

May it keep you and your loved ones abundantly warm and glowing.


Note to the moderately observant among you:  Yes, it is mighty humbling to unknowingly lose an earring, especially a big flashy one, during a product photo shoot. Thank you for asking.  Sonofa.

All photos in this series were captured by the charming Mister Andrew.  Many thanks to him.



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Would love to know the conversation that was going on with the ladies and Mr Munson. Looks to be pretty interesting! Proud of you dear friend!

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