I knit. (and crochet)

Still knitting like my fingers are on fire.

I am still completely enamored with this yarn and this pattern.  (Ravelry link) Only the sleeves remain unfinished.  All around me, however, the repercussions of knitting a sweater in less than 25 days are coming into focus.  Piles of laundry (mostly clean) dot the home landscape like newly-formed mountain chains.  The Pugs are quite the little climbers, it turns out, preferring the summits closest to the wood stove for their daytime beds.  (hence the “mostly” clean)  The refrigerator could use a restocking, though I’m greatly inspired by MommyCoddle’s very own stash-busting of her fridge and pantry.  ‘Would really rather knit’ is a far less noble reason than shoestring budgeting for not restocking the goods, my grown-up conscience tells me.  Then there was, and still is, all that business of making wood that’s waylaid the knitting, and also that business of cleaning my studio, reconnecting with my sewing machine, and issuing a challenge – all of which have severely hindered my sweater progress.

It’s a fever, I tell you, one that I’ve never caught before.  I just can’t stop.  Never, ever before has knitting held me so captivated for more than a few rows at a time.  So I hope I can pass this off as sarcastic tongue-in-cheek, rather than self-indulgent whining, when I say that I have to go now.  Need to get some groceries.  And it pains me.

6 responses to “Still knitting like my fingers are on fire.

Beautiful! Just beautiful! I would show a photo but haven’t got one yet. And now it is playing like summer outside so it’s too hot to wear. I hate this weather, really.
Maybe you shed the skin of old 2010 and 2011 promises to be a stellar year~farm, craft and home wise?!
Happy knitting! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a hat to cast on 😉


Great sweater! I silently agreed to join the stash-busting challenge and then drove straight to the yarn shop and bought more yarn. “Challenge” is definitely a suitable word. Will try again.

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