I sew., I'm thrifty.

I made this quilt from scraps in my stash.

I had initially set out to make the Icepops design from the Denyse Schmidt Quilts book.  After a printer snafu, I decided I couldn’t be bothered to enlarge and cut out the actual pattern pieces, so I drew my own.  They’re actually nothing like the pattern, but are a loose variation on the overall shape of the Icepops block, a riff of a Log Cabin block.  The quilt is being packed up in the smallest package possible, wrapped in 20 hugs and will be mailed off to London, where a dear soul is studying, and where it is quite cold, we hear.

But the very best part is that I made this quilt from a thrifted mini skirt, (the floral pattern pieces) a tee shirt, scraps from a big haul of garage sale fabric that sat in the garage for a month, some generously donated cotton yardage, and some vintage bed linens.  And the binding was made from a thrifted piece of orange found while the quilt was in progress. Damn if that isn’t satisfying!

Among my favorite parts are the spots here and there where the vintage bed sheet was showing some wear and needed darning and a patch.

So here’s the good news:  if you like the look of this quilt, you’re in luck.  I’m at this very minute working out the details for some pre-cut quilt top kits. Whoopeee! You can expect more details as they are hashed out.  Meanwhile, while I’m hunched in a dark corner of my studio with a pencil behind my ear and a calculator at hand, I shall keep you all entertained with a series of blog entries featuring my favorite, can’t-live-without tools and best-kept sewing secrets. It’s shaping up to be a fantastic week; stay tuned!

6 responses to “I made this quilt from scraps in my stash.

GORGEOUS! So inspiring. I’m just getting started on my first quilt. I’m terrified…and very excited. This though…is just beautiful. Congrats. I’d be satisfied too. 🙂

This is so beautiful and it’s exactly in line with my own philosophy of recycling old clothing into beautiful new things. Thank you for sharing it with us. Now I’m headed to my stash to see what I can dream up with the old mini skirts and bed sheets that I’ve been holding on to!

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