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Snow Day!

A blizzard brings with it many things.

To us, it brought over a foot of heavy, sticky snow.

It brought a buzz of excitement as, the night before, we trimmed the tree and hunkered down for the snow storm that would define all snow storms to come.

It brought a day off of work and school.

It brought some sewing time in the studio to work on the handmade portion of Sew Liberated’s Holiday Traditions Exchange.

It brought snow-caked hats and mittens and overalls drip-dropping by the woodstove.

And it brought a rugged man in long johns and a princess in pearls together over a bowl of frosty blue sugar crystals for the shared purpose of molasses cookies.

It may not have been Bring-Snowmen-to-Life-caliber snow, but it was no less magical.

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