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It’s time to talk about milk.

The simple fact is that right now, in a courthouse 30 miles from where I sit, a farmer is on trial for selling his products to informed, consenting consumers.  Let me say that again.  A peaceful man performed a trade that’s been collectively recognized as legitimate and vital for the last 12,000 years. Informed persons, not able to perform that
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Just this morning I learned of the tragic death of Kathreen Ricketson and her partner Rob while on their year-long family sabbatical in Australia.  Kathreen was, among so many things, the creator of the WhipUp site that I had the privilege of contributing to in April.  My heart breaks for their children.  It comes as no surprise, though, that the
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Odd Bits

First off, let me thank you for allowing me to indulge in some April Fool’s mischief yesterday.  What fun that was. Second, get a load of these sweet little kids (not mine) we visited a few weeks back. Third, why not hop over to Whipup for the launch of my month as guest editor?  I’m tackling the theme of Functional
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It is a good time to be without television.

I had to hop over to on Saturday to see why all of my Facebook friends were so sad.  The radio had been off, or playing Christmas music the last several days, so our Friday came and went without anything remarkable to set it apart.  We might have been the only ones carrying on in blissful ignorance, taking our
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Deliberate is it.

This video resonated with me profoundly yesterday.  Have a look.  You?



Plenty is what I wish for you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Weekend recap.

A quick hello and smattering of neat things before I head out to the trenches…of the gardens.  Must. Get. Garden. In. Today.  (or die trying) + We sheared 5 of our sheep this past weekend.  Whew.  It was an EVENT.  More on that later this week. + A WHOLE PAGE of the new website has been created!  This means that
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In which I reveal my kitchen secrets

These are a few of my favorite (culinary) things… 1.  CELERIAC! This homely, bulbous mass of intense flavor is like celery, only MORE SO! I use it in lieu of celery by simply slicing off a portion, (1-2T) cutting or peeling the skin away, and finely dicing.  The rest of the bulb gets thrown back into the fridge where it
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How is this for a metaphor?

Howd’ya do, New Camera?

I’ve felt the artistic constraint of my little point-and-shoot camera for years now.  Years.  The logical upgrade was a dSLR, but it got shoved to the end of the want-it line again and again, behind such necessities as Sheep, then The Spinning Wheel, and other really important things I can’t remember right now.  I had my ideal camera all picked
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