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Not Kleenex Boxes

We’ve officially made the leap from kleenex to luxurious flannel wipes.  It’s been a gradual transition, one that has at times been impeded by a lack of pockets.  If you can’t carry a hankie around with you all day, then they’d better be at arm’s reach, I realized early on.  Eight little baskets insure that they are.  Super-special fabric for the kids’ room baskets swiftly secured their buy-in. (hot tip!)

Speaking of not-disposable-paper-products, I almost cheated on my husband with this guy.  Swoon.


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Kari E

Did you use interfacing to get these to stand up? We have lots of hankies, but like you said, they aren’t always easy to grab – I’m looking to do something like this!


Love that Mr. Gosling…and those boxes, too! We’ve been doing this a while and one of the benefits of our small house is that we just station a basket in the kitchen for all the clean wipes. It’s a pretty good way to go, as long as you can handle the unending trail of clean wipes through the laundry 😉

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