The Rumpelstiltskin Challenge

The Rumpelstiltskin Challenge – February Theme

The loosely-bound theme for February’s edition of The Rumpelstiltskin Challenge is……………………………………….. wait for it ………….


I say “loosely bound” because it is, of course, only a helpful guiding impetus if you happen to need such a thing.  If, say, you’re standing amid your stash and are overwhelmed and paralyzed by what’s before you and unable to start making, you may find such guidance liberating.  I always find I’m able to work best if there are some parameters involved, if only to disregard them very carefully.  For my own part, I’ll be continuing some of that low-hanging fruit, since I got tangled up in making Quilt Kits for the whole month of January, and my project shelves are nearly over-ripe with fruit.  But it is February, after all, and I’m confident I can find something lovely in red to usher out, if only to set a good example as The Keeper of this Challenge.

How about you?  Got red?

4 responses to “The Rumpelstiltskin Challenge – February Theme

Well loosely bound is quite beautiful! I’m still with you on the challenge but have yet to post any pics. My first challenge to myself was to complete a gazillion headbands for my daughter and her friends all made from various scraps. I have over 12 done so I’m looking forward to a new project with what I’ve got on hand very soon.

Oh, so beautiful, and oh so productive! I really want to join in but between school, work, and the kids I am sitting on the fence between here and Overwhelmed. *sigh* I need some 15 minute creativity projects to do, to join in and still stay sane. Preferably in RED!


awwww i just found your lovely blog and i just love it! you have a beautiful home and your children are just beautiful. love all your stories.
i will be back (fair warning lol)

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