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The Five Minute Skirt that fell into a black hole.

There has been a lot of chatter of late in the blog circles I frequent about Angry Chicken’s Five Minute Skirt. Who could possibly resist the prospect of that??! Not I, says the girl with a newly-acquired of stack of vintage feedsack fabric from the family collection. And I’m not alone. Last week’s Craft Day Tuesday, which seems to be something of a weekly thing now, found me with the simple instructions, the prewashed and dried fabric, an outing planned for the evening to debut the finished skirt, and a willingness to get it done. I had already ordered and received my Fold Over Elastic (FOE) that gives the skirt it’s five-minute magic. Isadora was deeply entrenched in the world of colorful, pourable, vintage buttons, so the coast was clear. Indeed.

I’m sorry to say it did not take me five minutes. Not even close. (totally NOT Amy’s fault, though) I think it took me longer than that to draft the pattern. Not because it’s hard, but because that was a big pattern to draw and I’m slow.

Measure, calculate, mark on paper, draw, cut, cut out fabric.

Oh. Had to do some splicing on the fabric to get two pieces big enough for the pattern, because it’s cut on the bias and a somewhat full skirt.

Sew seams.

Now sew the FOE on the waist, stretching as you go.

Here was my sticking point; it was my first rendezvous with FOE, so I wasn’t comfortable stretching it too much. Way, way, way too big in the waist. So I made up two very large darts in the back to take in the slack. That worked pretty well, though it does slip down some if I’m really moving.

Today, thanks to her FOE Tutorial, I realize my folly – I was a complete wimp when stretching the FOE. I’m a little ashamed to admit it – usually my downfall is over-muscling something, not under. How embarrassing.

Nevertheless, the project was a raging success, as I’ve changed the name of the skirt from The Five Minute Skirt (which we know is not true) to The Skirt I Wear Everyday. No doubt the next one will be made in five minutes or less, giving this one a respite and a chance to be taken out of the rotation long enough to hit the wash.

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